Clyde joined the search for Percival Lowell's "Planet X", a planet beyond Neptune.

I usually go to the cinema with my friends.

She is not the cheerful woman she was before.

I hate my new school.

It is crazy of him to leave the door open.

What's in that bottle?


I know that much myself.

Is she anybody?

Alpha Centauri is a system of three stars. We don't know yet whether it has planets.


I lead a fast way of living.

Vassos opened the door of the car for Craig.

My father being sick, I had to stay home.

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She saved her baby's life at the risk of losing her own.

I didn't understand anything Gerard said.

Where did you buy your car?

If there are genuine differences between these two cultures, I think that the largest are certainly in what you think about foreigners studying your native language.

Hideki, he really hadn't settled in here at all and sulked all the time.


What a fantastic idea!

She cloaked her disappointment with a smile.

The war is essentially over.


I decided to tell him the truth.


Carl has been diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic.

You can build anything with Legos.

After that newspaper wrote that no farmer wanted to work as a tenant in Vestfold, interest has skyrocketed.

I'm delighted to meet you.

Kristi died of cancer.


I had an abortion two years ago.

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If you don't do that, you will be a dead man.

People above 18 may drive.

The bottom 40% of the U.S. population has only 0.3% of the wealth.


I can't find my umbrella.

I've tried, but without success.

Jussi and I are getting married in October.

I was nearly hit by a car.

Give her a call.


It is too late for him.


You only get one life.

I'm not through with them.

Make an offer.

Knudsen ate a hamburger.

Fahrenheit is a German inventor who invented the thermometer. At the same time, his name is given to a unit of temperature.


Grandpa cannot hold urine anymore.

Don't ever speak to me like that!

How long did it take you to collect so many coins?

The boat made for the harbor.

He has brown eyes.

Joon didn't get along with the other students.

Girls, open your eyes, marriage isn't buying a horse.

It's a wholly new experience for me.

You've got to do something to help Huashi.

Are you here to help?

That's just how things are.

That's not real.

We began with the soup.

I have no intention to act so.

I refuse to influence others to participate in war.

Why do we have to help you?

Luke and I both stood up at once.

Our teacher seldom laughs.

Andreas called to say he wouldn't be at today's meeting.

There was only one bottle of beer in the fridge.

What is she doing in his office?

I better go check on those cookies.

My dog always barks at the mailman.


Sekar did it in spite of all the difficulties.

I had a dentist's appointment this morning.

I could read between the lines.


Did you return Pascal's books?


Do you know Hiroyuki's full name?


You have to eat regularly.

Why didn't you tell me you knew how to fix this?

I'll need to think about it. I'll try to come up with another way to word it.

Please tell me when he arrives here.

Sriram isn't in bed.

It's common knowledge that you don't like Kanthan.

You are both pretty and kind.

You will not remember. I will never forget.

The old man has lived here all his life.

Theo was lying unconscious on the operating table.

The knee wound is now festering.

It is absurd trying to persuade him.

Everyone wasn't able to fit into the car.

Kees looks somewhat irritated.

I know you'll be happy here.


Nate will know what to do.


The controversial proposal has caused an intense war of words between the two opposing parties.

Well, why dost thou say nothing, but stand there as if thou wast dumb?

I was just relaxing.

You should be careful of your money.

He is an extremely frank person.


Jones trusts us.

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Pascal is in a mischievous mood.

Do you think Ariel has a chance?

We came into the office to find Emet and Erkin wiping the windows.

Jem occasionally visited me when I lived in Boston.

He promised me to come here.

When you want cooperation, share the responsibility.

Gilles doesn't think doing this is worth our time.


It is no use blaming him for the accident now.

Let us discuss.

I'm not sure how it happened.

That's it, isn't it?

Can I borrow your handkerchief?

You should free those animals from the cage.

It's the Union Jack!

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Do you know the name of this game?

I bake cakes almost every day.

Claudia is in the back yard.

I don't know what was in that box.

Some poems were also written by him.

Joanne is pretty good at juggling, but Elvis doesn't seem to be impressed.

You should've started earlier.

Sitting in her panther hide chair, the young woman, clad in red lingerie, was reading aloud a book titled "The Black Princess".

It looked like Part was right.

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The time is now.

Could you try this on?

I've always wanted to do that.

I made a doll for Ann.

Marvin applied for the job, but didn't get it.


The site for the new school has been bought.

What is Kevyn's real purpose?

Did Marika dream about going to Japan?

Shahid can speak three foreign languages.

The prince fell in love with a woodcutter's daughter.

Almost everything that is great has been done by youth.

I won't leave you again.

Sanand could see that Edward was crying.

Soohong said he didn't smoke.

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Our mother was very happy for the visit of her grandson and cooked a substantial meal for the occasion.

Kyung was shocked to learn that the DNA was Jerrie's.

Go see Wes.

This is no laughing matter.

Everything is going as it should.

We need to know what happened.

That was an evil bunny.


My neighbor is having some work done on his roof starting tomorrow, so he came to let me know about it. "There might be a lot of dust, so I apologize beforehand. Thank you in advance."

It's not broken.

I can hear him.

I regret having been rude to him.

She put on high airs with her learning, and she was not popular.

The important point to note is that both parties offered similar solutions to this problem.

Jisheng spent thirty years in prison.

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I just want to get better.


I want to improve my German.


Can you give me that in writing?

I've got to get him to help.

We have received many orders from the U.S.

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Sonny is coming in on the next flight from Boston.

Is the door open?

It may be snowing in Hokkaido.

A penumbral lunar eclipse can be hard to see.

Sports help to develop our muscles.

I can't put up with the noise.

I'll tell Nora you helped out.

Sofia was in Boston last week, but I don't know if he's still there.

Mr Yoshida was born in Yamagata prefecture, and graduated from Nihon University College of Art with a degree in oil painting.

Erick was the one who's been helping us.

Vacation? What's that?

At first, I thought Nathan was joking.

Why do you make it open even to rivals in the same trade?

Major is the only one in our family who can swim.

Maureen seems to be afraid of something.

Nothing is more important than your friends are.

Do you want to talk about the affair?


What kind of questions do you want me to answer?

Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.

Don't give them your number.


The men had little to do except hunt for food.